The Mascaron,
the Symbol of Bordeaux

The first mascaron ornaments began to appear in Bordeaux towards the end of the 16th century.

A lively and fanciful decoration by nature, more than three million mascarons help to ornament the city’s facades and fountains.

These sculptures are a symbol of Bordeaux, creating a veritable
‘theatre of fancy’, as described so well by the Bordeaux writer Michel Suffran.

The Fruits of Excellence

The passionate men and women of Maison Ginestet have been contributing to the reputation of Bordeaux fine wine across the globe for more than a century.

Producing wines in the purest Bordeaux tradition, Maison Ginestet is perpetuating globally recognised ancestral expertise day after day, vintage after vintage.

Today, Mascaron par Ginestet bears testimony to these years of excellence, where tradition equals high standards, authenticity equals elegance.

The Elegance of Great Bordeaux

Developed in the purest tradition of Bordeaux fine wines, Mascaron par Ginestet reflects Bordeaux’s values, taste and expertise.

A flattering bouquet, ample and generous on the palate, with well-integrated tannins backed up by subtle oak – the watchwords of a Great Wine.

Bordeaux style

There is no doubt that Great Bordeaux Wines wines have style, and Mascaron par Ginestet is their perfect ambassador.

Voluptuous, elegant and utterly charming, it is a perfect reflection of Bordeaux.

The nectar flows into the glass. Every sense is awakened. Fantastically delicate oak aromas merge with intoxicating scents of spice.

Bordeaux style is within reach…

A style, a case

A great wine deserves a beautiful case.

Created by master glassmakers, the Mascaron par Ginestet bottle proudly displays its distinctive seal, a sign of excellence.

Your fingers sweep over the covering, the gilding relief, the sculpted shapes. This discovery heralds a fantastic moment of tasting.

With the bottle in hand, a feeling of power washes over you.

The world of fine wine is well and truly here.